24/7 Emergency Towing & Recovery

B&D Towing and Recovery works around the clock to mitigate and manage your risk 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Day or night, rain or shine, give us a call and we’ll be waiting to provide the help you need. We offer live dispatch updates using GPS technology.

Specializing in Heavy-Duty Towing & Recovery

Quality Risk Management Since 2002

For over 17 years, B&D Towing and Recovery has provided the Tri-State area with premier towing and recovery services at the region’s most affordable prices. Rest assured we have the knowledge and experience to get the job done.

Cutting-Edge Towing & Transport Technology

Not every company has the equipment to haul your commercial truck to the shop or anywhere else. At B&D Towing and Recovery, we have the equipment and skill to get your heavy-duty vehicle wherever it needs to go. Call today to learn more!

Managing Your Risk
From Breakdown To Recovery

B&D Towing and Recovery is one of the most trusted truck and auto service providers in the Tri-State area between Mississippi, Tennessee, and Arkansas. Since 2002, we have maintained a reputation as the region’s go-to resource for professional towing, recovery and transport. We provide risk management services for major Tri-State area truck dealerships, nationwide trucking firms and other high-level clients. Call today to learn more!

24-Hour Towing, Specialized Transport
& Much More

B&D Towing and Recovery offers a full array of towing and recovery services to customers in Mississippi, Tennessee and Arkansas. The services we offer include but are not limited to:

Towing & Recovery

•   Heavy-Duty Towing
•   Accident Recovery
•   Roadside Assistance

Specialized Transport

•   Long-Distance Transport
•   Load Shifts & Transfers
•   Specialty Vehicle Transport


Assisting You In Mitigating
Your Losses

Building long-term trusted relationships is the foundation of our success at B&D Towing and Recovery LLC. As first responders, we are focused on partnering with our clients in managing their logistical and transportation risks safely, professionally and with utmost urgency.

We are acutely and constantly aware of your logistic and transportation risks and understand timely, safe and competent recovery of your assets is of the utmost importance. Our service assurance platform has been developed to manage that risk.

This approach has made us the trusted choice and brand throughout the Tri-State for almost a quarter-century and it extends from our client base to our talented team of employees and Recovery Operators.

Quality You Deserve

B&D Towing and Recovery dispatching center is manned and ready 24/7. You’ll speak with a trained, experienced dispatcher who will get the right equipment to you as soon as possible.

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