Specializing in Heavy-Duty Towing & Recovery

Specialized Transport Services

We are equipped to perform a comprehensive array of specialized transport services. From load shifts to long-distance transport jobs and everything in between, B&D Towing and Recovery is ready and willing to help our customers throughout the Mississippi, Arkansas and Tennessee Tri-State area. Our specialized transport services include but are not limited to:

Long-Distance Transport

B&D Towing and Recovery offers a full range of equipment and vehicle transport services. From light-duty vehicles to heavy-duty commercial trucks, from short-distance transports to long-distance transports, no project is too big or too small for our experts to handle. Call B&D Towing and Recovery today for a free estimate on our long-distance equipment transport services.

Load Shifts & Transfers

The cargo carried by commercial vehicles is always subject to the hazards of the road. Load shifts can occur when your vehicle dips too frequently. They can reorient your cargo and in doing so damage its contents. Cargo can also come loose and require a transfer when accidents occur. Whatever you need, B&D Towing and Recovery has the equipment and experience to help you keep your cargo as safe as possible.

Specialty Vehicle Transport

B&D Towing and Recovery is licensed and equipped to offer a full array of specialty vehicle transport services. From pieces of heavy-duty construction equipment to classic vehicles, sports cars, exotic vehicles and everything in between, B&D Towing and Recovery can guarantee the secure transport of your vehicle from point A to point B. Give us a call today for a free estimate!

Quality You Deserve

B&D Towing and Recovery dispatching center is manned and ready 24/7. You’ll speak with a trained, experienced dispatcher who will get the right equipment to you as soon as possible.

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